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Literal Thinking Outside the Box

Onsert Media Group (OMG) is the pioneer of hyper-targeted, on parcel advertising. Our technology makes it simple to personalize a message to anyone receiving a parcel. The customer simply scans a QR code to instantly take advantage of your offer

Simple. Elegant. Hyper targeted

The Onsert solution integrates to most any incumbent shipping or host software, and automated shipping lines that use print and apply or automated bagging systems. The solution works with any thermal label printer setup used to print the shipping label

Patented Technology Customized

Onsert offers ultimate flexibility in targeting a custom ad (onsert) that may be part of an existing shipping label, or a completely separate label. The sky is the limit.

Patent information: US8744910B2 | US8738441B2

Software only and Turnkey Systems Available

Onsert offers options to use our software only model, or we can provide a complete turnkey system which includes a bagging system or print and apply system, fully integrated and ready to go.

  • The OMG solution and ZERO upfront costs
  • The OMG solution provides a highly visible advertisement or QR code that can be very specifically targeted to the intended customer, with analytics, reporting, and other visibility tools available. The conversion of print to digital media
  • Hyper targeting ensures higher likelihood that the viewer (recipient) of the package will both see and respond to the advertisement

Typical Configurations

  • Add to a 4×6 label > 4×8 label with 2×4 Onsert
  • Add a second label such as 4×6 dedicated to Onsert
  • Modify print area of automated bagging machine
  • Utilize a preprinted color background/space for Onsert
  • The sky is the limit: utilize color or other preprinted accents to draw attention to an Onsert

How It Works


The QR Code: A New Untapped World

The introduction of QR Code was the solution that has taken Onsert to the next level. Problems a QR Code immediately solves for our customers.  A QR code can hold up to 7,089 characters allowing it to be more versatile than a barcode. There are endless possibilities for tracking and analytics data as well as linking up audio, video, and even AR and VR.

  • Confidentiality
  • More Engagement From Digital Platforms
  • Maximum Flexibility


QR codes have become common place since onset of COVID:

  • Seamless Integration With Mobile Platforms
  • Touchless Retail
  • Political Polls

Hold any information within the square code and can link to:

  • Text
  • Business Card
  • Multimedia
  • Social Media Channels
  • Marketing Campaigns

Early Adopter Program

The early adopter program is the only one of its kind to offer a fixed/budgeted monthly SaaS model with unlimited printed labels. This is an exclusive offer for a very limited time to new customers adopting our technology. Contact us now to learn more.

Label Only Service

  • Zero cost integration to create new label file, or modify existing carrier label
  • Zero cost to modify print and apply tamp hardware for larger label
  • Zero cost to add new or separate print and apply if using additional label

Hardware Adder if Needed

  • Zero cost labels for X days/months
  • Optional costs for colored background to call out attention
  • Zero cost to add a bagging or packaging system (Autobag, Sharp, Priority Pack, etc).

About Onsert

The entire OMG team is dedicated to your success. We work hard to ensure our solution exceeds your expectations and drives maximum ROI. Our Leadership team is built with proven executives with successful track records in high tech, media and intellectual property development and delivery.  

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